Hello prospective froshees, and welcome to the SFU Health Sciences Faculty!


It can be quite a jump from high school to university. Thus, HSUSU offers opportunities for first year Health Science students to help ease them into university smoothly. Newly admitted Health Science (H-SCI) Candidates may learn and grow personally and professionally, become familiar with their program, gain insight from fellow health science students, and more. 

HSUSU impacts first year HSCI undergraduates through FROSH! FROSH is an important event in the life of a student as it is an opportunity to demonstrate the welcoming and inclusive community that the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser university has to offer.

The day event consists of fun, high-energy activities that will provide multiple opportunities to meet new friends in the faculty, network with mentors and senior students, and explore the campus! All this and a delicious dinner with your fellow froshees. 

Come out for an awesome evening full of fun activities, making new friendships, and learning more about what to expect in life as an SFU Health Sciences student!

Date: September 21st, 2018
Location: TBA
Cost: $25

Have any questions about FROSH? Email us at hsusu.exec@gmail.com